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Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint allows you to measure and quantify adoption and engagement strategies. What would you say if we told you we can improve those numbers and help ensure your employees are engaged and using your SharePoint solution as you intended?

A Microsoft-preferred SharePoint analytics partner

Webtrends is a Microsoft Gold Partner within the Collaboration and Content competency and offers SharePoint analytics solutions for SharePoint 2010 and 2013, and Office365. Whether for intranet, extranet or Internet sites, Webtrends for SharePoint delivers the deep performance metrics that validate the investment, use, and power of your SharePoint solution. Through content and user-specific measurement, segmentation and testing, Webtrends gives you unique access to your user data, as well as the ability to develop measurable strategies to improve your SharePoint performance.

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Hundreds of organizations maximize their SharePoint deployments with Webtrends

You made an investment in SharePoint for specific reasons and need to know if it’s working as planned. Webtrends for SharePoint is used by more than 300 enterprise-class SharePoint deployments worldwide, including Microsoft, to measure success and validate the investment.

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